Basketball Point Guards

1. What is a basketball point guard? What does a basketball point guard do in a game?

Basketball point guards are usually the shortest person on the team. They start with the ball and pass it to other teammates. Point guards yell out the plays. They are basically in charge of the team during a game. They usually don’t shoot as much as other positions would on the team.



3. How does a  basketball point guard train and practice?

Basketball point guards train on how to handle the ball. They have to train on having strong hands so they don’t lose it during a game. Point guards also practice as if they were playing a game. Point guards have to be able to dribble with both hands. They should practice different plays and tricks to use against their competitors.  Basketball point guards should use “Best Practice Methods”, “Defense, Offensive Skills, Basketball I.Q., strength and conditioning go hand in hand. A great point guard knows how to disrupt the other team’s offensive & defensive transition, knows how to run half-court sets, make the correct reads offensively, and always know when to pressure and when to contain defensively. You need to  learn how to get the ball quickly and efficiently by positioning, communication, and preparatory movement, moving to the hash, free throw line, cutting diagonally across the defense as rebounds are taken. Being able to handle pressure—both mentally and physically.”



Basketball Point guard


Basketball Point guard calling a play to his fellow teammates


I hope these tips help you a little bit if you are ever a point guard!